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8 Interesting Mythical Manga About Angels & Demons

Whenever we see anime or manga with stories about angels and demons, we can’t help but feel curious about them. I mean, who could not be intrigued by those mythical beings that are always used as the symbols of “evil and good”?

Fortunately, some manga explores more about those creatures while involving stories with a touch of action, comedy, romance, and more!

Here I bring eight manga about angels and demons!

1. Enidewi – Eniale & Dewiela

Synopsis: When the shy angel Eniale and the cold demon Dewiela start to quarrel, the whole world is affected by it. Well… it’s pretty well-known that angels and demons cannot get along at all, right?

Still, there’s something that Eniale and Dewiela have in common, their love for brand items and make-up! But their love for those items has gone too far because this terrifying duo always ends up arguing to see who will keep these items.

As a result of those conflicts, the human world always faces terrible catastrophes!

As my first manga recommendation about angels and demons, I have to mention Enidewi.

Something that caught my attention more than anything about this manga was its striking artwork that makes things more enjoyable while reading this manga. Well, I should have expected that since the author is the one who created With Hat Atelier manga.

The story is quite entertaining, a duo of friends/rivals composed by a demon and an angel… This may seem out of place at first, but they complement each other wonderfully!

2. Devil & Devil

Synopsis: The battle among angels and demons is something that seems will never reach an end, especially the fight between the demon Sword and the angel Ios.

When Sword and Ios were fighting their 101st battle, both ended gravely wounded and as a result, they fell upon the human world.

In order to survive, Sword and Ios possessed two mortals, but to their surprise, these human bodies belonged to twin brothers. What is worse, they cannot use their powers!

Looking for an enjoyable manga that fantastically mixes action and comical scenes? Then you shouldn’t miss this old but gold manga from the 90s where two mythical enemies end up in a troublesome situation! Despite being old, you’ll end up fascinated with its detailed and eye-catching art.

3. Makai Senki Disgaea

Synopsis: After a two-year of sleep, Lahard woke up and discovered that his father, the previous overlord of the Netherworld.

Lahard decided to rule the place with an iron fist. But the constant threats he must face will not allow him to lower his guard for a second.

Now, with the aid of the angel Flonne and his demon vassal Etna, Lahard must do his best to take the reins of the Netherworld.

Based on a game of the same title, Makai Senki Disgaea revolves around a dynamic trio composed of two demons and an angel. This unusual trio is what made this manga so entertaining due to their hilarious interactions. It also has some action scenes, but for me, the icing of the cake is its humor!

4. Tenshi Kinryouku

Synopsis: When God went into a deep slumber to regain his energy and Hell started to become weaker, the corrupted angels initiated a war against the demons. Alexiel, one of the strongest angels, rebelled against her own kind claiming that demons were purer than the corrupted angels.

After being captured, Alexiel’s punishment for her crimes was to be reincarnated as a human who will live a life filled with misfortunes. Now, she reincarnated as a boy named Setsuna Mudo who is in love with his sister, Sara.

While struggling with his feelings, Setsuna recovers the memories of his past life as Alexiel and now, his job is to end the war between Heaven and Hell.

Tenshi Kinryouku revolves around many complex topics that might not be of the liking of everyone, so you might need to be open-minded to read this manga.

Is it worth your time? Of course. Its artwork is excellent and the story is full of deep dialogues. Perhaps, its dark plot may make you question what you should consider good or bad.

5. Godspeed

Synopsis: When the war among angels and demons came to an end, angels created the city of Ilvia surrounded by immense walls to protect humans from demons.

In the centre of Ilvia, there is a sanctuary where angels raise children till they turn 14 years old. At 14, they can graduate and go to Paradise.

Akira, Yuno, Bhuta, and Sina are about to turn fourteen, but before they graduate, they decide to escape from the sanctuary to see what it is like behind the walls. Soon, they will discover what Paradise is really like…

If you have read The Promised Neverland, you might find the story of Godspeed similar to it, however, each of them has its own course.

Godspeed’s detailed artwork and way to portray its horror side are quite interesting, also it only has 10 chapters (sadly, the author passed away). And if you are wondering if it is really finished, well yes! It did have an abrupt ending though… but still, it is worth a try.

6. Gabriel DropOut

Synopsis: At the angel school, Gabriel was the top of her class, but after descending to the human world, she turned into a hikikomori and proclaimed herself a fallen angel! Forgetting about her goal as an angel to make humans happy, she becomes a hopeless being who spends her days playing games.

Gabriel’s demon friend Vignette tries her best to make her reconsider and continue with her angelical goals but fails in all of her attempts. Would Gabriel return to her old self someday?

It’s not common to see demons and angels as friends, right? With Gabriel DropOut you will get to see that while reading Slice of Life with awesome funny scenes that will surely entertain you!

7. Ballad x Opera

Synopsis: An angel and a demon had descended upon the Earth to complete a task but they ended up killing a human named Haruto by mistake.

Haruto accepted his sudden death because he thought he did not even have a reason to continue living. But for some mysterious reason, his soul could not go to Heaven or Hell.

Taking this as an opportunity, the angel Shiro asked Haruto to turn into a Shinigami to help them with their mission. Haruto, who had no attachment towards his own life, accepted the offer, but as a Shinigami, could he find a reason to live?

Ballad x Opera is a touching manga that might make you cry a little, but don’t worry because you’ll also laugh at its comedy scenes! The artwork is beautiful a

8. O-Parts Hunter

Synopsis: Ruby led a normal life until her father, a treasure hunter, suddenly died. She decided to follow in her father’s footsteps to become a treasure hunter and find the O-Parts, magical items that grant supernatural powers.

During her journey, Ruby meets Jio. He is a lonely boy whose past was full of tragedies, but despite that, he has a goal: to conquer the world.

When Ruby is attacked by an O.P.T (O-Parts Tactician), Jio rescues her by releasing his true power. But it seems that Jio has the power of Satan, the ultimate evil! Now that this dark secret has come to light, would they still be able to achieve their goals?

Time to bring this old gem back! Although it can be a hit-or-miss depending on your preferences, in my opinion, it is really worth giving it a chance. O-Parts Hunter‘s story is great and the action scenes are thrilling, so if you are looking for a shounen manga with angels and demons, this is the best choice for you!

Do you know any other manga about angels and demons that we should also read?

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