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Dance Dance Danseur Episode 7 Review

Jumpei and Luou’s experiences at ballet camp continue, but with a new attitude in place, both might get more out of it than they initially imagined. Jumpei is newly humbled by his conversation with the pianist in last week’s episode...


Love After World Domination Episode 7 Review

Another week, another delightful Love After World Domination episode. This week we get a heavy emphasis on Daigo and his prior relationship with Desumi, as well as some new texture to Fudo and Demui’s blossoming romance. I think the setup...


Delicious Party Precure Episode 11 Review

I had a suspicion that not hiding their identities from Gentlu would come back to bite the Cures, but I didn’t expect it to take the form of a vicious and random multiple-choice test. It’s a clever way to sideline...