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MyAnimeList, Honeyfeed Announce 2nd Web Novel Contest

Anime database website MyAnimeList and web novel platform Honeyfeed announced the details of their second web novel contest on Monday. In addition to US$3,000 cash prizes for the winners in each of the three genre categories, the winning entries will...


BookWalker Global Adds Audiobooks from Yen Press

BookWalker Global announced on Wednesday that it has added the following 17 audiobooks from Yen Press to its service: Sword Art Online Volumes 1-5 by Reki Kawahara Overlord Volumes 1-4 by Kugane Maruyama, so-bin The Saga of Tanya the Evil...


Shirow Miwa, Hikaru Sakurai Work on New Fate Novels

Manga creator and artist Shirow Miwa revealed on Tuesday that he is drawing the art for a new light novel series for Type-Moon’s Fate franchise titled Fate: Lost Einherjar – Kyokkō no Aslaug (Aslaug of the Aurora). Writer Hikaru Sakurai...

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