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Shin Ultraman Film Sells 1 Million Tickets in 8 Days

TOHO revealed on Saturday that Studio Khara’s new Shin Ultraman (New Ultraman) film has sold about 1,032,000 tickets and has earned about 1.54 billion yen (about US$12.04 million) as of Friday, its eighth day in theaters. TOHO is streaming a...


Live-Action Doronjo Show Casts Elaiza Ikeda as Yatterman Villainess

The official website for Tatsunoko Pro Sōritsu 60-shūnen Kinen WOWOW Original Drama Doronjo (Tatsunoko Production 60th Anniversary WOWOW Original Drama Doronjo), WOWOW’s live-action television show centering on the Yatterman villain Doronjo, revealed on Wednesday that Elaiza Ikeda (live-action All Esper...

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