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Galaxy Express 999 Another Story: Ultimate Journey Manga Enters Final Arc

The June issue of Akita Shoten’s Champion RED magazine revealed on Tuesday that Yuzuru Shimazaki’s Ginga Tetsudo 999 Another Story: Ultimate Journey (Galaxy Express 999 Another Story: Ultimate Journey) manga is entering its final arc.

Galaxy Express 999 Another Story: Ultimate Journey Manga Enters Final Arc

In addition, the magazine revealed that the manga will skip the next issue on May 19, and will return in the August issue in June.

The manga retells the story of Leiji Matsumoto’s Galaxy Express 999 original manga. The story of the anime and manga follows a young orphan named Tetsuro as he travels by a mysterious woman named Maetel through the galaxy on a space train, in the hopes of obtaining a cybernetic body. The train stops at many planets along the way, often leading to adventures for the two.

Shimazaki launched the manga in Champion RED in March 2018. Matsumoto is credited with the original work, setting, and design for the manga, and Shimazaki is drawing the new series. Akita Shoten published the manga’s seventh compiled book volume in September 2021.

Shimazaki previously drew a reboot manga of Matsumoto’s Gun Frontier manga.

The 113-episode television anime series aired from 1978-1981. An anime film alternate retelling premiered in 1979. The franchise then spawned multiple other movies, specials, and OVAs. The original 18-volume manga ran from 1977-1981.

Source: Champion RED June issue

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