hololive EN Virtual YouTuber Tsukumo Sana Graduates On July 31

Cover Corp announced on Tuesday that Tsukumo Sana, a member of the hololive English -Council- group, will graduate (i.e. retire) from the agency on July 31.

hololive EN Virtual YouTuber Tsukumo Sana Graduates On July 31

According to the English press release: “We had discussed several times with Tsukumo Sana regarding the direction of her activities, however, as time went on, it became difficult for her to continue her VTuber activities. After much deliberation between both parties, with the deepest regrets, we have decided to honor her request for graduation.”

Fans are encouraged to send mail and presents by October 31. Her membership and members-only content will also end on that date. Fans can also request refunds for Sana’s birthday merchandise through the hololive official shop.

In her Tuesday livestream announcing her departure, Sana explained that the reason is “quite complicated.”

“I really tried,” she said. “I really love the Sanallite community.” (“Sanallite,” a portmanteau of “Sana” and “satellite.” is the official name of her fan community.) “And I love my friends at hololive that I made here too. I don’t regret anything.”

hololive English -Council- debuted in August 2021 as the second generation of hololive English talent. Tsukumo Sana was designed by Occultic;Nine and Rental Magica illustrator pako. She is “the Speaker of ‘Space,’ the very first concept created by the Gods.”

In February, she went on hiatus due to a back injury.

Sources: Press Release, Tsukumo Sana’s livestream

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