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I’m Quitting Heroing Episode 6 Review

So that certainly took an interesting turn.

I'm Quitting Heroing Episode 6 Review

This week’s episode hinges on the big reveal that our hero is actually not what he appears, nor is the world that we know. In fact, this world is Earth but many years in the future. The hero was part of an experiment to create demon-powered warriors in the modern day to fight back against the invasion of mythical creatures into our own world. Now he has survived for over a thousand years, fighting to defend humanity and eventually passing into legend.

In terms of raw story mechanics, I think it’s a perfectly solid hook. It’s well within the bounds of fantasy literature and I think it’s an interesting twist. Most similar characters who live for such a long time doing the same repetitive task end up being cold, distant, brooding types. Our hero is instead a bit more chatty and carefree, and in fact, relieved that he finally gets to lay down the sword and stop protecting humanity. I also like that we’re in a post-post-apocalypse setting, which I consider the pretty fertile ground as a creator myself (certainly more so than the standard survival-focused sort of “normal” post-apocalyptic settings).

My only real concern is the timing of the reveal. I feel like we could have waited a bit longer and maybe done a slow burn on this hook to really get the audience invested before revealing this. As it stands, what should be a shocking moment is mostly just “oh, neat” and not much else. It’s also delivered in a sort of nonchalant setting in a conversation with Mernes.

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I guess we’ll see where the series goes with this from here on out. I liked it certainly, but can’t help but feel the timing was a bit premature.

Rating:  4/5 Stars.

I’m Quitting Heroing Episode 6 is currently streaming on HIDIVE.

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