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Jiro Matsumoto Launches New Regiment Manga

The official website for LEED Publishing’s Comic Ran Twins magazine announced that Jiro Matsumoto (Velveteen & Mandala) will launch a new manga titled Regiment in the magazine’s June issue on May 13.

Jiro Matsumoto Launches New Regiment Manga

The story will revolve around the shogunate infantry corps, the Western-style army developed by the Edo shogunate at the end of the Edo period.

Matsumoto launched the beautiful place manga (pictured right) in Comiplex, the manga website of Hero’s Inc.’s Monthly Hero’s magazine in May 2021.

Jiro Matsumoto Launches New Regiment Manga

Matsumoto and Yoshio Nagai launched the Ichigeki manga in Comic Ran in April 2016, before moving the manga later to Comic Ran Twins. The manga ended in November 2020. LEED Publishing published the manga’s seventh and final compiled volume shipped in March 2021. Matsumoto drew the manga and Nagai was credited with the original work.

Matsumoto launched Velveteen & Mandala in Ohta’s Manga Erotics F magazine after ending his Freesia manga in 2009. Ohta compiled and published the manga in one book volume in November 2020. Vertical published Matsumoto’s Velveteen & Mandala manga in English.

Source: Comic Ran Twins’ website

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