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Key’s Prima Doll Anime Premieres in July

Universal Japan’s booth at the AnimeJapan 2022 event revealed on Saturday that the television anime for Visual Arts/Key’s mixed media project Prima Doll will premiere in July.

Key's Prima Doll Anime Premieres in July

The anime’s cast includes Azumi Waki as Haizakura, Tomori Kusunoki as Karasuba, Miyu Tomita as Gekka, Yuki Nakashima as Hо̄kiboshi, and Akari Kitō as Retzel.

Tensho (Azur Lane, Rewrite) is directing the anime at Bibury Animation Studios. Tо̄ya Akano and Kai are in charge of the screenplay and series composition. Akane Yano is designing the characters. Na-Ga, Fuzichoco, Yui Hara, En Morikura, and lack are credited as the original character designers.

The project centers on autonomous mechanical dolls or automata. They work at Kuronekotei, a coffee shop that sits at the corner of the fifth district of the imperial capital. However, they were originally made as weapons for a great war that ended a few years ago. Now, they have been restored and dressed in shiny kimonos.

Visual Arts/Key announced the project in October 2020. The project also includes figures by Kotobukiya, a short story serialization, and web novels.

Source: Universal Japan’s AJ 2022 booth

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