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MangaGamer Announces 2 New Visual Novel Acquisitions

MangaGamer announced on Saturday during its Otakon panel that it has licensed Guilty’s Nightmare x Sisters and Waffle’s Funbag Fantasy 4 visual novels. The company will release the titles for Microsoft Windows.

MangaGamer describes Nightmare x Sisters:

Behind the facade of everyday life, evil lurks in the shadows, and it’s Sister Setsuna’s job to exorcise these vile demons along with her true sister Yuka. However, cases of such possessions are on the rise – a concerning trend that warns of looming disaster. When Yuka is ensnared and captured, Setsuna rushes to her aid, only to fall victim to the cult as well! Will these two brave heroines be able to escape their captors? Or will they remain trapped, forced to breed new generations of demons to be unleashed upon the populace?!

MangaGamer Announces 2 New Visual Novel Acquisitions

Nightmare x Sisters is the first title in Guilty’s Nightmare series. The title launched in Japan in 2021.

MangaGamer describes Funbag Fantasy 4:

In the great kingdom of Litovia, our hero, Brother Astor, serves as a humble monk for the Church of the Eastern Rood in an honest village plagued by minotaur raids attacking in reprisal for the kingdom’s expansion and development. His story begins when the monastery is ordered by their Queen, who refuses to wed the minotaurs for peace at the cost of converting her kingdom to their religion, orders the monastery to bolster their garrisons and aid in defending the kingdom’s villages against the minotaurs! Astor’s cunning and lust will carry him through many challenges, the ranks of the church, and five different busty heroines as he rises to glory and leaves swooning bosoms in his wake!

MangaGamer Announces 2 New Visual Novel Acquisitions

The Funbag Fantasy (Kyonyū Fantasy) series debuted in 2008, and MangaGamer released the first game in English in 2016. An original video anime (OVA) based on the game shipped in 2012. Kyonyū Fantasy 4 launched in Japan in 2021.

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