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Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: Princess of Jipang Manga Ends in 2 Chapters

The October issue of Takeshobo’s Kindai Mahjong magazine revealed on Thursday that Hideki Ohwada’s Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: Princess of Jipang manga will end in two chapters. The manga’s next chapter will appear in the magazine’s next issue on September 30, so if there are no delays, the manga will end at the beginning of November.

Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: Princess of Jipang Manga Ends in 2 Chapters

The manga is a sequel to Ohwada’s Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku (Reform Without Wasted Draws or The Legend of Koizumi) manga. Ohwada had intended to launch a new arc for the manga in the fall of 2015 after ending the manga’s “Senkaku Islands Arc” in August of that year. The manga instead went on hiatus. Ohwada then launched Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: Princess of Jipang in August 2017, retroactively ending the original manga and launching the new sequel.

The manga began with a new arc that depicts a certain tyrant named ” D. Trump,” said to be the 45th president of the United States. He contends with the series’ new protagonist, a high school girl named Hako Mikado, who has the blood of the Japanese Imperial family running through her veins.

Ohwada’s original political parody manga depicts modern diplomats, politicians, and heads of state in a world where international diplomacy and geopolitics are decided through high-stakes games of mahjong. The manga’s protagonist is a fictionalized version of Japan’s 89th Prime Minister, JunichirĊ Koizumi, and the title itself is a reference to his political slogan, Seiiki Naki Kaikaku (Reform Without Sanctuary). Koizumi battles foreign adversaries such as George W. Bush, Kim Jong-il, Vladimir Putin, Margaret Thatcher, and others.

Ohwada (Mobile Suit Gundam-san, Beach de Q, Dai Mahou Touge) launched the original manga in the Kindai Mahjong Original magazine and irregularly serialized it before moving the series to Kindai Mahjong and serializing the series bimonthly. Takeshobo published the manga’s 16th and final compiled book volume in October 2015.

The manga has inspired a three-episode video anime series. The first episode began streaming on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga in December 2009. The last two episodes were released on DVD in February 2010.

Source: Kindai Mahjong October issue

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