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Remake Our Life Light Novel Starts ‘Last Arc’ With 11th Volume

Kadokawa is listing the 11th novel volume of author Nachi Kio and illustrator Eretto’s Boku-tachi no Remake (Remake Our Life!) light novel series is starting its “final arc” with the volume. The 11th volume will ship on September 22.

Remake Our Life Light Novel Starts 'Last Arc' With 11th Volume

The story centers on the unsuccessful game director Kyōya Hashiba. His company goes bankrupt, and he ends up returning to his parents’ home. He lies in bed thinking about the successful creators of his generation. When he opens his eyes, Kyōya finds that he has gone back in time 10 years to when he started college. He has an opportunity to remake his life, starting as an arts college student. He now lives in a four-person coed share house. Kyōya has the chance to spend his formative years with creators he knows will be famous in the future, but things might not turn out as he expected.

Kio launched the novel series with the first volume in March 2017, with illustrations by Eretto. The 10th novel volume shipped on February 25. The novels ranked at #6 on the list of top light novels in Takarajimasha’s Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! (This Light Novel Is Amazing!) guidebook for 2018, and the series ranked at #7 on the list for 2019.

The novels inspired a television anime adaptation that premiered in July 2021. Crunchyroll streamed the anime as it aired in Japan. Crunchyroll began streaming an English dub for the anime on August 3.

Bonjin Hirameki launched a manga adaptation in Kodansha’s Suiyōbi no Sirius (Wednesday Sirius) section on the Nico Nico Seiga service in November 2018. The manga moved to Magazine Pocket in September 2019. The manga ended on April 4. Kodansha published the manga’s seventh and final compiled book volume on May 9.

Source: Kadokawa

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