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Shirow Miwa, Hikaru Sakurai Work on New Fate Novels

Manga creator and artist Shirow Miwa revealed on Tuesday that he is drawing the art for a new light novel series for Type-Moon’s Fate franchise titled Fate: Lost Einherjar – Kyokkō no Aslaug (Aslaug of the Aurora). Writer Hikaru Sakurai penned the novels.

Shirow Miwa, Hikaru Sakurai Work on New Fate Novels

The books will center on the Servants Aslaug and Ragnar Lodbrok, and their Master Remina Eltfrom. Aslaug is the valkyrie daughter of Sigurd and Brynhildr, while Ragnar Lodbrok is the semi-historical and legendary Viking figure, who is also said in some sagas to be Aslaug’s husband.

The 14th volume of Kadokawa’s Type-Moon Ace magazine published the prologue of the story on Tuesday. The release date for the first novel has not yet been revealed.

Miwa previously drew the Servants Sigurd and Brynhildr for the Fate/Grand Order smartphone game, but also noted in 2020 that he had unofficially drawn many of the other characters from the Völsunga saga, and at the time had not yet shown them to Type-Moon, but expressed hope that they would be used in a Scandinavian-themed story at some point.

Miwa serialized the original Dogs manga (retitled as Dogs: Prelude in English) in Ultra Jump from 2000 to 2001, and Shueisha released one compiled book. Miwa then ran the Dogs: Bullets & Carnage sequel in Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine in 2005, and Shueisha released the 10th compiled book volume in 2014. The manga inspired an original video anime (OVA) in 2009. Miwa also drew a manga adaptation of the RWBY web animated series that ran in Ultra Jump from November 2015 to February 2017. Miwa drafted the original character designs for the Joker Game and Kiznaiver television anime.

Sakurai has penned many stories in Type-Moon’s Fate franchise, including many scenarios in Fate/Grand Order, the Fate/Extella game, the Fate/Extra Last Encore anime, and the Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver. Prior to her involvement with Type-Moon, she was a prominent writer of Liar-soft’s visual novels and wrote the company’s Steampunk Series novels.

Source: Shirow Miwa’s Twitter account

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