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Studio Colorido Signs Multi-Year Deal With Netflix for 3 Anime Films

Studio Colorido and Netflix announced a multi-year movie co-production deal for three new feature-length films on Wednesday. The second of the three films is a new film by Tomotaka Shibayama (A Whisker Away), debuting in 2024 exclusively on Netflix. Colorido did not reveal the title of the film but unveiled an imageboard for it.

Studio Colorido Signs Multi-Year Deal With Netflix for 3 Anime Films

The new work is part of Netflix’s newly established “Anime Creators’ Base,” meant to help creators develop conceptual art. Shibayama noted in a comment that the new film will be a “slightly mysterious love story” set during “one winter.” He added that it will feature “an unusual disruption on every day,” and will depict “the delicate emotional coming-of-age of the characters as an ode to boys and girls.”

Colorido is also producing the previously announced Drifting Home (Ame o Tsugeru Hyōryū Danchi) anime film as the first film in the deal. Director Hiroyasu Ishida will debut Drifting Home on Netflix on September 16. Colorido and Netflix’s new agreement is Netflix’s first multi-year deal with a Japanese anime studio that produces full-length films. (Colorido already produced Shibayama’s A Whisker Away anime film in 2020.)

Sources: Studio Colorido, Comic Natalie

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